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Ledgestone is by far our most popular style of concrete molds.  You will notice that a large majority of stone veneer installations around the country have used some variation of ledgestone.  

The ledgestones that we use to create our concrete molds were hand picked by our Lead Designer, alongside world-class Architects and Masonry Contractors who specify and install stone veneer on a regular basis.  

We created these molds from stones that started off as natural stone blocks. We then cut and chisel the natural stones until they are suitable for our design profile and for ease of installation.  After the natural stones are prepared, we then cast our molds directly from them without using any release agents.   

Our ledgestone molds are top notch in regards to textures, profiles and ease of use.  We only use stones that are the crème of the crop to make our concrete stone veneer molds from. 
This is our ledgestone photo gallery.
#1 Handcut Ledgestone Molds
Our #1 Handcut Ledgestone molds were the first PROFESSIONAL grade stone veneer molds offered to the public.  We created our Handcut Ledgestone profile for the Red Rock Station Casino, and for "The District" at Green Valley Ranch Station Casino (See picture in the thumbnails below)   We carry over 50 unique non-repeating handcut ledgstone molds. 

Sizes range from Sizes range from:
Length: 3" - 20" 
High: 1" - 6"  
Thickness: 1 - 2" 

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